About Kısa-ca


To produce unique ideas, to assist in cinema by theoretical knowledge, to help the cinema students for changing theoretical knowledge into practice, to contribute the development of international short films and provide the meeting short films with audience are the main objectives of festival.

The another aim of the festival is also to prepare a productive environment on an international platform of shareable ideas and knowledge by gathering students, academics and professionals in same the place who interested and engaged in the production of cinema.


The participating films in the fiction, documentary, experimental, animation branches and the qualified films will be screening and films will compete. In addition, various interviews and activities on short films and cinema will be held. The festival will be attended by the Krakow International Green Film Festival team.

Every year, a significant director’s work is shown as an opening film and an honorary award is given. In the 18th Short Film Festival, musician artist Cahit Berkay received honorary awards. In the festival, “Documentary Cinema” and “Turkish Cinema” will be held with the participation of filmmakers and academicians.


Every year, our festival brings together the new student films in the movie theaters of the “Süleyman Demirel Kültür Merkezi” of our University with approximately 1500 viewers. In addition, the new 300-person Çatalhöyük cinema hall will be used for festival screenings. The important names of the cinema sector come together with short filmmakers in Konya with interviews such as Documentary Cinema, Turkish Cinema, independent cinema and screenplay in cinema. The films that are participating in the competition are examined in terms of cinematography, script and technical aspects and awards are given to successful films in this field.

As a result of this festival which has been held for eighteen years, a significant infrastructure has been created in the field of short films and documentaries in Konya. Nearly 80,000 students are studying at Selçuk University. During the festival, not only the Faculty of Communication but also other faculty students have shown great interest in the Kısa-ca Film Festival.